Analytics with MariaDB


High-performing, scalable analytics + standard SQL

When you need to analyze millions (or even billions) of rows of data on demand and in real time, what are you options? Do you need to turn to Hadoop? Or maybe an expensive hardware appliance? No – a columnar database is the answer.


How MariaDB unlocks scalable, real-time analytics with columnar storage

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When to consider columnar storage

Are you using your transactional database for analytics?

Performance issues with queries are common when your transactional dataset is too large. Although relational databases are unmatched for transactional workloads (e.g., row-oriented: point and range queries with indexes), they aren’t optimized for ad hoc, real-time analysis of millions or billions of rows of data. Columnar databases such as MariaDB allow for faster and easier analytical queries – while retaining the relational model and SQL.

Is your current analytics solution too complex and/or expensive?

Traditional data warehouses can be expensive and difficult to operate. MariaDB simplifies database infrastructure for modern analytics by scaling to hundreds of terabytes of data, leveraging high-performance, streaming data adapters to ingest data in real time (e.g., Kafka), and providing up to 90% compression for the most efficient storage possible – all while supporting standard SQL (including joins) and near-real-time latency.

Do you need to run interactive, ad hoc analytical queries on demand?

MariaDB makes it easy to support on-demand analytics, removing the need for complex ETL processes, waiting for scheduled/manual imports and creating data models and indexes optimized for a small number of predetermined queries. It supports interactive, on-demand analytics (any query, any time) with standard SQL.

Are your Teradata or Vertica licenses eating up your budget?

Many companies are paying large sums to Teradata, Vertica and others just to keep up with expanding datasets. MariaDB empowers organizations to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging modern, on-demand analytics at scale to deliver deeper insights faster – and without the need for specialized databases (e.g., NoSQL) or expensive and proprietary Big Data appliances.

Modern Columnar Analytics Use Cases

In the digital era, innovators in every industry are using on-demand analytics at scale to deliver actionable insights that improve their products, boost operational efficiency, strengthen fraud detection and prevention, aid risk management and compliance, and create new revenue streams or monetize the data itself. Learn more about how customers like you are using MariaDB’s columnar database for analytics.


How MariaDB unlocks scalable, real-time analytics with columnar storage

Learn how MariaDB Enterprise Server can be used as a distributed, columnar database and look at the architecture behind it. In addition, see practical use cases and real-world success stories – plus a live demo using a sample application.

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Top modern analytics use cases by industry

In this white paper, you'll see a variety of use cases for modern analytics – and why MariaDB customers across five industries chose to replace MySQL, Oracle, Vertica and other data warehouses with MariaDB for analytics.

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