Database Migration Service

MariaDB streamlines database migration

Are you looking to move your proprietary database to MariaDB? Migrating large amounts of complex data is a highly specialized task. MariaDB provides excellent database tools for heavy-duty, highly available operations and migration services that guide you through a move from your proprietary database system to a state-of-the-art MariaDB infrastructure. We’ll help you execute the migration in a controlled manner and will schedule the database switchover to align with your internal constraints, timelines, and maintenance and software development processes.

There’s nothing like seasoned professional insight to quickly pinpoint potential pain points in a large database migration project. Our Migration Practice team includes a Migration Practice Manager who manages the migration process and guides your team through the migration project, plus database experts who are experienced in MariaDB as well as other proprietary database systems like Oracle® Database, Microsoft® SQL Server and IBM® DB2.

Our experts perform a Migration Assessment

After the Assessment is complete, we provide a project plan

We provide on-site or remote resources to implement the plan and act as project managers


Migration Services

In particular, our services include:

Migration Project Management

Guidance and insight into each phase and resource involved in the migration:

Proof of concept, integration tests, planning, managing and tracking, switchover planning, rollbacks and points of no return, continuity of business (CoB) scenarios, coordination of involved partners, suppliers, DBA personnel


Analysis of the existing environment, database infrastructure and application:

Systems and components, planned and ongoing developments, existing software development processes, skills gap analysis

Target Architecture

Develop and implement optimal architecture supporting your existing applications:

High availability, replication, backup, distribution, individually designed, scalable cluster, best practices of MariaDB

Roadmap Review

We ensure an optimal path to the migration target:

Comply with your software roadmap, evaluate the architecture and applied procedure, adapt to changing context and new findings

Migration QA

Ensure quality of migration regarding a variety of criteria:

Provide compliance with existing policy, develop and adapt quality criteria based on the application and real usage, thorough performance, load and parallelism tests, switchover tests, rollbacks, points of no return


DBAs, Sysadmins, Developers, Application maintainers


Migration Architect

Contact us to learn more about how MariaDB database migration tools and services can help you to perform a reliable and cost-effective data migration! Our specialized Migration Architects will help initiate, conduct and finalize a successful migration. The Migration Architect serves in an advisory capacity regarding:

  • Database architecture
  • Migration project planning and conduct
  • Applying best practices from the MariaDB Migration Practice
  • Quality assurance throughout the migration
  • Switchover planning, training and conduct
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Why MariaDB?

Secure enterprise-class database with authentication, monitoring and encryption essential to a modern architecture and a wide array of applications.

Flexible deployment model supporting hybrid IT and easy deployment of MariaDB in the most popular cloud environments, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Wildly popular open source high-performance database delivering the high availability and scalability global enterprises need.


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