MariaDB Managed Database

Fully managed in the cloud, your way.

running in Any cloud on earth

Realize the benefits of a managed database service, including ease of use, without sacrificing the very things needed to support mission-critical applications, including enterprise features, custom configuration, deployment flexibility, technical and consultative support, on-demand upgrades and bug fixes/security patches. It’s MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud, managed by MariaDB (the experts) using automation and world-class database strategies.


Backed by experts

Enterprise architecture

MariaDB’s Enterprise Architect team creates a reference database architecture based on both business and application requirements, unlike one-size-fits-all database services from public cloud vendors.

Remote DBA

MariaDB’s Remote DBA team monitors your database servers and its infrastructure 24×7 to maintain availability and performance, and to ensure your data is secure and protected at all times.

Support engineering

MariaDB support engineers provide both technical as well as consultative support to help you get the most out of MariaDB Enterprise Server, and to help resolve any issues that may arise.


Fully managed


We deploy MariaDB Enterprise Server alongside MariaDB MaxScale to the cloud of your choice, custom tailored to your use case and requirements.

Always On

Monitoring, automation, redundancy, automatic failover, transaction replay and more… MariaDB managed database service keeps your database always on.


We get it. Use cases and workloads change over time. That’s why we perform regular performance audits to help ensure your database environment is performing to its peak ability.

Secure by Default

Configured using best practices for data security including in-flight encryption, at-rest encryption, password policy enforcement, optional enterprise authentication and more, plus regular security audits that ensure your data remains secure, always.

Disaster Recovery

We’ve got your back when it comes to disaster recovery with scheduled backups, standby replicas, and even optional delayed replicas. In the event of a disaster, we handle the recovery for you.


Database software that is always up to date. We handle all upgrades, hot fixes and security patches for you, scheduled with you, and in a rolling fashion to reduce any impact to your business.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The public cloud certainly has many benefits including more flexibility and scalability but many organizations are realizing that there are trade-offs that don’t always align with company priorities. According to a December 2022 IDC survey*, 40% of respondents said they have moved database deployments from public clouds to another type of deployment (e.g., on-prem). Respondents cited reasons such as database performance was not sufficient for their needs, security features were not sufficient for their needs and public cloud vendor’s support was not satisfactory.

For organizations that need more control over their database deployment, whether for performance, security, support or cost reasons, a tailored cloud solution is possible with MariaDB’s managed database service. Benefits of our managed database service include:

  • Enables you to avoid reliance on any one cloud
  • Avoids proprietary cloud technology lock-in
  • Allows fine-tuned optimizations and options for performance, high availability, scalability and security
  • Lets you take control of your cloud costs

*Source:  IDC Survey Spotlight: Why Some Are Moving Databases from the Public Cloud Back to the Datacenter, Doc #US49468223, March 2023

Has your organization moved any database deployments from public cloud to another type of deployment (e.g., on-prem)?

Which of the following were reason(s) for moving database(s) from public cloud?




MariaDB managed database service is available for enterprise organizations looking to advance their cloud strategies, including hybrid cloud strategies with databases both on premises and in the cloud. If you’re looking for a managed database in the cloud, the experts at MariaDB can help you create and execute a cloud strategy tailored to meet your goals and requirements. You deserve something better than a one-size-fits-all solution.