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MariaDB sets the standard for open-source relational databases, with MySQL and Oracle Database compatibility (e.g., sequences and PL/SQL), temporal tables, transparent sharding, instant schema changes, point-in-time rollback, and modern SQL (i.e., common table expressions (CTEs), window functions, JSON functions and more). MariaDB also includes pluggable storage engines like ColumnStore, which can be used to work with massive amounts of data to provide real-time analytics at scale.

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MariaDB MaxScale

MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced database proxy, and a core component of all MariaDB servers whether deployed in SkySQL or on-premise.


MariaDB Connectors are lightweight and advanced database drivers for high-performance data access by applications on macOS, Linux, Windows on ARM and Intel processors. MariaDB provides several native connectors that support languages like C, C++, Java, Python and more.

Modern SQL

MariaDB implements more of the standard SQL specification than any other open source database, adding support for PL/SQL, managing JSON data, common table expressions (CTEs), window functions, temporal tables and many other features over the last few years.


JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is fast becoming the standard format for data interchange and for unstructured data. MariaDB includes a large variety of pre-defined functions that allow you to manage JSON data.

Temporal Tables

Temporal tables function as versioned tables that can be used to access and modify past data, and find what changes have been made and when.

MariaDB Workloads


MariaDB is the leading enterprise open source database, featuring Oracle Database compatibility (PL/SQL), sharding, temporal tables, dynamic data masking and point-in-time rollback.

Analytical/Data Warehousing

MariaDB can be deployed as a columnar database for real-time analytics at scale, using distributed data and massively parallel processing (MPP) to perform interactive, ad hoc queries on hundreds of billions of rows with standard SQL.


MariaDB supports Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP), which allows you to combine the power and reliability of row-based storage with scalability with the performance of column-based storage to create truly robust, innovative and truly modern applications.