MariaDB for the Public Sector

MariaDB Enterprise Server is the essential cloud-native open source database for the public sector. Build and run mission-critical applications on any platform (cloud, on prem, edge), while maintaining enterprise-grade security, stability and flexibility — all at a fraction of the cost of proprietary databases.


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Scaling Up and Securing Government Data: How MariaDB Enterprise Server Manages Growth with Built-In Backups

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Further Your Mission with MariaDB Enterprise Server

US Federal Government

Defense, Intel and Civilian Agencies deliver modern applications and services, ensuring high availability and compliance with rigorous security standards.

State, Local and Education

Deliver impactful public services and education with a modernized tech stack that makes the most of restricted budgets and legacy systems.


Provide patients and doctors with exceptional service by streamlining workflows, maintaining HIPAA compliance and ensuring systems stay up – no matter what.


Bring your nonprofit’s mission to life with data-driven applications and services, ensuring reliability, security and compliance — all while keeping overhead low.

Aerospace, Defense Contractors and Federal System Integrators

Solidify your competitive advantage with best-in-class applications built on a versatile, cloud-native and open source database — at a fraction of the cost of proprietary database options.

Global Government Agencies

Government, Education, and Healthcare agencies around the world can leverage open source innovation to deliver new products and services faster and more efficiently while complying with security standards.

Why MariaDB Enterprise Server Is the Best Choice for Public Sector

Maximize Stability and Uptime

Reduce service interruptions and ensure resilience against disasters and threats with zero-interruption failovers, automated backups, disaster recovery and rolling upgrades with zero downtime.

Achieve Faster, More Accurate Decisions

Easily scale operations to meet your workload. Flexibly deploy resources where you need them — whether that’s public cloud, private cloud, on-premise or the edge.

Centralize Global Data Operations

Maintain a centralized, common operational picture built from globally dispersed SQL queries and columnar analytics.

Reduce Risk and Cost

Harness open source and cloud economics to innovate with the reliability, security and high availability of expensive proprietary systems — but at a fraction of the cost. Reinvest savings into information delivery and processing power for additional critical missions.

Meet the Highest Security and Compliance Standards

Meet compliance requirements across STIG, HIPAA, 508, FIPS, and other standards and regulations with encryption, security controls and vulnerability reporting.

Increase Developer Efficiency

Leverage an intelligent data services layer to reduce application complexity, enabling faster implementation of new features and services. Easily integrate with third-party NoSQL solutions as both a consumer and publisher of data.

MariaDB Enterprise Server vs Community Server

The public sector requires a database that can withstand the pressures and high expectations of mission-critical applications. While MariaDB Community Server is great for testing open source features, it doesn’t offer the security or stability of MariaDB Enterprise Server.

Enterprise Server

  • Hardened secure binaries intended for production users
  • 1-2 year release cycle
  • 5 years of standard support and maintenance
  • 3 years of extended support available
  • Advanced features for backup, high availability, replication, auditing, automatic failover and better performance
  • Only version of MariaDB with STIG compliance for Federal customers
  • Only version fully backed by MariaDB engineering support, including priority bug fixes and hotfixes

Community Server

  • Open source project designed for developers to test new features
  • Quarterly release cycle
  • 12 months of maintenance
  • No guarantees on security patches, bug fixes
  • No support available
  • Regressions/bugs in code base not addressed

Achieve the flexibility of an open source database with enterprise-grade security and stability with MariaDB Enterprise Server.

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Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory Achieves High Availability with MariaDB

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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Rapidly Scales World Health Data Storage

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MariaDB Enterprise Server Use Cases

Secure Self-Hosted ServiceNow Deployments

As the only version of MariaDB server that meets full DOD STIG requirements for self-hosted ServiceNow users, government agencies can rely on Enterprise Server’s high availability, automated failovers, nonblocking backups, end-to-end encryption and more

Develop Custom Applications

Leverage ultimate freedom in application development, allowing you to deliver new features and functionality faster and at lower costs — and with lower risks — to support your customer’s missions.

Seamless Migrations

Whether you’re operating on a rigid and expensive proprietary database or an under-supported open source version, easily migrate to MariaDB Enterprise Server for better performance, scalability and high availability.

Upgrade Your MariaDB Community Server

Ensure mission-critical applications are high-performing, resilient, STIG compliant and supported long-term with MariaDB’s hardened and secured Enterprise Server.



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