SkySQL Observability Architecture

  • Bhavin Modi, Sr. Director, Engineering, MariaDB

SkySQL is a fully managed service that provides a secure and scalable platform for managing transactional, analytical and mixed workloads across multiple clouds using a single, open source SQL dialect (MariaDB) that supports both structured and JSON data. With centralized, edge and global distribution options, organizations can easily deploy their databases on SkySQL while maintaining optimal performance. Additionally, users with on-premises databases can also leverage SkySQL to monitor and receive alerts and insights from the Observability service.

This session covers the high-level architecture of the SkySQL Cloud database Observability services for SkySQL databases as well as on-premises databases, including MariaDB Community, Enterprise and Xpand servers that you can monitor via SkySQL. We will give an overview about how the platform is designed to run the most challenging cloud workloads – monitoring and optimizing thousands of mission-critical database clusters across multiple clouds, global regions and even remote on-premises clusters. The platform is designed for continuous availability, performance, data protection and ensuring security at every layer of the architecture.

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