Using MariaDB ColumnStore with Power BI for Visualization and Reporting

  • Todd Stoffel, Product Director, MariaDB

Like most relational databases, MariaDB’s default storage engine, InnoDB, uses row storage optimized for transaction processing. Today, however, there’s an increasing need for collocated real-time analytics, visualization and reporting – needs better met by a columnar storage engine. To support real-time analytics on billions of rows and terabytes of data, MariaDB databases include MariaDB ColumnStore. This columnar storage engine uses distributed data and massively parallel processing (MPP) to scale out analytical workloads. Further, MariaDB Enterprise Server, available in SkySQL on AWS or GCP as well as on premises, supports partitioning and joining data across InnoDB and ColumnStore, reducing complexity and accelerating query performance. Watch this session to learn about MariaDB’s columnar database architecture and how it can be used in SkySQL to support data warehousing workloads. This session provides a demo that includes ad hoc queries on large data sets using ColumnStore and data visualization using Power BI.

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