Announcing MariaDB ColumnStore 1.2.2 GA


We are happy to announce the GA release of MariaDB ColumnStore 1.2.2 supporting production deployments.  MariaDB ColumnStore is the analytical component for MariaDB Platform, also announced today. Some key features of this ColumnStore release include support of the time datatype with support for sub second resolution,  distributed regression functions, and Windows 10 support for the bulk data API and adapters.

Notable changes in MariaDB ColumnStore 1.2.2 include:
  • Based on MariaDB Server 10.3.11.
  • Non-root install now does not require sudo for the installation tools
  • Multi-Server  quick installer and Singler Server quick installer
  • Amazon AMI support for Instances with ENA drivers
  • Time datatype support. 
  • Support for milli and microseconds in Time and DateTime types.
  • Support for multi parameter user defined aggregate functions allowing development of more complex custom logic.
  • Building on this, distributed regression function providing native SQL high performance regression analysis. The following functions may be used as window and aggregation functions: regr_avgx(Y, X), regr_avgy(Y, X), regr_count(Y, X), regr_slope(Y, X), regr_intercept(Y, X), regr_r2(Y, X) and more.
  • Many syntax support improvements.
  • Bulk data loading tool ‘mcsimport’ enabling data loading from remote servers.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 support for the ColumnStore Bulk Data API, Pentaho Data Adapter and mcsimport.

For additional details, please see the release notes and our getting started guide.