Announcing MariaDB Community Server 10.7.1 RC

We are pleased to announce MariaDB Community Server 10.7 Release Candidate (RC). MariaDB Community Server 10.7 is the next major release series of MariaDB.

Different for this release series, we’ve made Preview Releases available to the community for early access to new features. Thanks to feedback from community testing and after extensive internal tests, we are now ready to release the Release Candidate for MariaDB Community Server 10.7. Here’s a look at the new features we’ve added for the 10.7 release series.

New Features

For Developers

  • New JSON functions JSON_EQUALS() and JSON_NORMALIZE() for easier comparison of two JSON documents and for normalizing JSON objects to be comparable, for example when a unique key based on JSON data is needed.
  • New function NATURAL_SORT_KEY() which can be used to sort strings naturally. Example: A string “v10” would be sorted after a string “v9″
  • New function SFORMAT() for custom formats of strings. The function uses a string including formatting options and a set of given values to generate a custom formatted string.
  • Improved error reporting for INSERT that inserts multiple rows. The property ROW_NUMBER in GET DIAGNOSTICS allows retrieval of the row number that caused the error or warning.
  • New data type UUID for more efficient storage of UUIDs

For DevOps and DBAs

  • The new plugin password_reuse_check can be used to validate that a password cannot be reused. The number of days until a password can be reused can be configured via a new parameter password_reuse_check_interval
  • CONVERT PARTITION and CONVERT TABLE used with ALTER TABLE can be used to convert a partition into a table or vise versa
  • Syntax extension to not require PARTITION keyword in each partition definition
  • A dump of historical data for system versioned tables is now possible via the new option –as-of for mariadb-dump
  • New thread states in PROCESSLIST for MariaDB Galera Cluster allow better tracking of a session status
    • “waiting to execute in isolation”
    • “waiting for TOI DDL”
    • “waiting for flow control”
    • “waiting for certification”

Server Improvements

  • Increased performance for bulk inserts into InnoDB tables

We encourage you to download MariaDB Community Server 10.7 RC today. Please note that we do not recommend running RC releases in production.