Announcing MariaDB Connector/Node.js GA

Last month we introduced our new Node.js connector for MariaDB and we’re pleased to announce that it is now GA. This production-ready driver delivers faster performance for developers building Node.js applications with MariaDB.

MariaDB Connector/Node.js is a non-blocking MariaDB client, 100 percent JavaScript and compatible with Node.js 6+. This connector also includes enhanced features like batching and Failover / load balancing via multi-node configuration.

Try it for yourself by downloading the Connector/Node.js. Sequelize 5.0.0 also includes support for the MariaDB driver in its beta release. And if you missed it, check out our recent webinar to get started building Node.js apps with the MariaDB connector (with and without ORM frameworks), and learn how to take advantage of modern SQL with JSON functions, temporal tables and more.

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