MariaDB Completes Nutanix Ready Certification for AI and Data-Driven Hybrid and Multicloud Applications


In the fast-paced world of enterprise databases, reliability, scalability, and performance are paramount. Cloud deployment flexibility is critically important to many companies and applications.  While some applications are mandated for private cloud deployment, others are suitable for public cloud, and must even contend with multiple clouds. Others require scalable architectures for AI-driven workloads. These needs can also change over the lifetime of longer lived applications, or even within some components of an application. This is why enterprises are adopting hybrid-cloud and multicloud infrastructures and solutions that give them maximum flexibility to innovate rapidly. To support customers on this journey, MariaDB is collaborating with Nutanix to demonstrate its commitment to meeting the needs for cloud deployment flexibility for data-driven applications.

Together, we have achieved Nutanix Ready Certification for:

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server: our flagship high-performance, open-source relational database designed for modern enterprise workloads.
  • MariaDB MaxScale: an advanced database proxy tool that works in conjunction with MariaDB Enterprise Server to provide applications with automatic failover, high-availability, additional security and scalability.

This certification marks a milestone for MariaDB in its plan to certify MariaDB products and tooling on infrastructure that our customers rely on by validating MariaDB solutions’ compatibility and interoperability with Nutanix’s Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI).

The Significance of Nutanix Ready Certification

Nutanix, a pioneer in hybrid infrastructure solutions, offers a software-defined platform that allows developers to build applications in a secure, scalable, and multi or hybrid-cloud environment.

Nutanix Ready Certification is a rigorous validation process that ensures third-party products and solutions are fully compatible with Nutanix’s infrastructure, providing customers with peace of mind regarding interoperability and performance. Customers of both MariaDB and Nutanix have sought out those capabilities and compatibility in order to provide enterprise-level support for their open-source application development environments.

For MariaDB, achieving Nutanix Ready Certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering enterprise-grade database solutions that seamlessly integrate with leading infrastructure platforms. By undergoing extensive testing and validation, MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB MaxScale have demonstrated their capability to leverage Nutanix’s infrastructure natively, empowering organizations to optimize their database performance and scalability while minimizing complexity.

Empowering Enterprises with MariaDB Enterprise Server

MariaDB Enterprise Server is a high-performance, open-source relational database designed for modern enterprise workloads. Built on the foundation of MariaDB Community Server, the popular open-source database with over a billion downloads and the default over MySQL on linux distros, MariaDB Enterprise Server is a leading database for organizations modernizing their application infrastructure.

With Nutanix Ready Certification, organizations can confidently deploy MariaDB Enterprise Server on Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure, leveraging the combined benefits of both solutions. Whether it’s running transactional workloads, analytical queries, AI-powered workloads, or real-time analytics, enterprises can harness the power of MariaDB Enterprise Server to drive business innovation while leveraging Nutanix to extend MariaDB Enterprise Server in the cloud, on-premises or at the edge.

MariaDB MaxScale, a sophisticated database proxy and query router, complements MariaDB Enterprise Server, by offering advanced workload management and scalability features. By intelligently routing queries and managing connections, MaxScale enhances database performance, scalability, and availability, ensuring optimal resource utilization across distributed environments.

With Nutanix Ready Certification, organizations can deploy MariaDB MaxScale alongside MariaDB Enterprise Server on Nutanix infrastructure, creating a resilient and efficient database ecosystem. Whether it’s load balancing, query caching, or security enforcement, MaxScale empowers enterprises to optimize their database operations while seamlessly integrating with Nutanix.

Enterprise Innovation with MariaDB and Nutanix

The collaboration between MariaDB and Nutanix represents a strategic alliance aimed at empowering enterprises with best-of-breed database and infrastructure solutions. By achieving Nutanix Ready Certification for MariaDB’s enterprise products, both companies are demonstrating their ability to provide their customers with seamless, interoperable solutions that drive business innovation and agility.

Together, Nutanix and MariaDB aim to deliver a seamless, scalable, and efficient solution for database management and deployment. This collaboration offers customers a powerful, flexible solution that supports critical database functions while aiming to reduce complexity and cost.

How to Get Started with Nutanix and MariaDB

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