MariaDB Node.js Connector 3.0.1 now available


MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MariaDB Connector/Node.js 3.0.1 GA release.

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Release Notes

MariaDB Connector/Node.js

MariaDB Connector/Node.js 3.0.1 is a Stable (GA) release.

Notable changes in this release include:

  • MariaDB Connector/Node.js 3.0 supports Node.js 18
  • The Pool class includes more detailed information about the pool in error messages
  • The Pool class differentiates between errors that occur during pool initialization and errors that occur during connection creation
  • The Pool class implements an error event that can be used to handle errors
  • The implementation of the trace parameter has been improved, so that the calling method is included in the trace, even when using a pool and when the methods are called asynchronously
  • The checkNumberRange connection parameter has been added for compatibility with Connector/Node.js 2.5 and earlier

See the release notes page for complete details and visit to download.