MariaDB Server 10.4 Alpha Now Available


The first Alpha release of MariaDB Server 10.4 is now available!

In the spirit of release early, release often, with this first version of MariaDB Server 10.4.0 we are delivering a number of exciting features, including:

  • An instant DROP COLUMN for InnoDB
  • Parentheses for UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT operations
  • Crash safe system tables by using Aria
  • SET PASSWORD support for ed25519 and other authentication plugins
  • Internal optimizations

In addition to these features, we are continuing to work on a further enhancements for 10.4 such as:

  • More instant ALTER TABLE operations for InnoDB
  • Application time period tables
  • Additional security enhancements

This is an alpha release and it should not be used in production. We encourage you to test MariaDB Server 10.4 and share your feedback with us.

Release Notes

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