MariaDB SkySQL Cloud Backup Makes Securing Your Data Painless


It is critical to ensure business continuity with reliable database backups, but managing them can be challenging for DBAs. Backup schedules, storage capacity, RTO/RPO objectives, and the sheer number of databases add complexity and resource challenges. Simplify backup management with MariaDB’s SkySQL Cloud Backup, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution for MariaDB Server users anywhere. Anyone managing MariaDB databases on-prem or in the cloud can use SkySQL Cloud Backup for free as long as the product is in Technical Preview. SkySQL database users continue to be supported with the standard SkySQL automated backup solution, they are however encouraged to explore the new backup option, we would love to get everyone’s feedback.

Backup Central for all databases accessible from anywhere

SkySQL Cloud Backup offers a centralized management console accessible via the internet, streamlining backup processes, reducing complexity, and providing a unified view of backup operations. Set schedules, configure settings, monitor performance, and receive alerts for backup failures. Manage storage and retention policies to optimize storage and reduce costs. Gain comprehensive views of backup operations across all databases, quickly identifying and resolving any issues.

Fine tune RPO and RTO requirements

SkySQL Cloud Backup offers flexible backup options, including logical and physical backups. In the future, we will provide incremental, and differential backups taken as frequently as every hour. Binlog backups capture all transactions for point-in-time recovery down to the second or individual transaction. Optimize your backup strategy to balance backup size and time with RPO and RTO requirements for complete peace of mind.

Choice of backup storage

SkySQL Cloud Backup offers flexible backup storage options to suit your needs and budget. Choose from local disk or SkySQL managed backup storage. Enjoy quick access with local disk storage or a reliable, scalable solution with SkySQL managed storage. Pay for what you use and easily scale up as your data grows. With multiple backup options, users can ensure compliance with local data protection regulations by storing backups in preferred locations, such as an EU-based storage location for GDPR compliance.

Choice of backup methods

SkySQL Cloud Backup offers users a choice of backup methods:

  • mysqldump: Widely used backup method that creates text files with SQL statements that can be used to recreate the database. Only suitable for smaller databases or databases with low transaction volume.
  • grantdumper: Creates a dump of the MySQL privilege tables, which contain information about user accounts, permissions, and roles.
  • mydumper: Efficient method to backup large databases with high transaction volume. mydumper uses multiple threads to dump data in parallel for best performance.
  • mariabackup: Physical backup method that creates a binary copy of the database files, including data files, log files, and configuration files. Ideal for large databases with high transaction volume, provides fast and efficient backup and restore.

Easily migrate on-prem databases to the cloud

With just a few clicks in our Cloud Backup console, businesses can restore backups of their on-prem databases to SkySQL, thereby easily migrating their database to the cloud without the need for complex migration processes. This process can help to minimize downtime and disruption during the migration process, ensuring that the business can continue to operate without interruption.

Set up blue/green deployments

SkySQL Cloud Backup can help facilitate blue/green deployments by providing a reliable and scalable backup and restore solution. Businesses can create a backup of an existing database and store it in SkySQL Cloud Backup. When an update fails or causes issues, the backup can be easily restored, minimizing downtime and risk. Additionally, businesses can use SkySQL Cloud Backup to manage backup retention policies, ensuring that backups are retained for the appropriate amount of time and that an inactive environment can be quickly restored to its previous state if necessary. Overall, SkySQL Cloud Backup can enable businesses to easily set up and manage blue/green deployments, minimizing downtime and risk during application updates or upgrades.

Ensuring business continuity

Businesses can use a combination of SkySQL Cloud Backup and replication to implement a disaster recovery (DR) approach for their existing applications. With SkySQL Cloud Backup, businesses can create a copy of their database and store it in a safe location. In case of a disaster or data loss event, businesses can quickly restore their data from the backup, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. Additionally, businesses can set up replication between their primary and secondary databases, enabling near-real-time data replication and failover in case of a disaster. By replicating data to a secondary database in a different location, businesses can ensure that their data is always available, even in case of a site outage or data center failure. By leveraging both SkySQL Cloud Backup and replication, businesses can implement a comprehensive DR strategy that provides both rapid data recovery and high availability.

Check out SkySQL Cloud Backup for free!

During this time, SkySQL Cloud Backup’s exciting new features are completely free, and you will be given up to 100GB of free backup storage on SkySQL Managed Backup Storage. Come check it out by going to!