MariaDB OpenWorks 2020 – Call For Papers


We’re excited to announce the MariaDB OpenWorks 2020 call for papers is now open!

OpenWorks is returning to New York City, but will be held in May for the very first time – and like last year, there will be a full day of technical, hands-on workshops followed by two full days of sessions.

MariaDB engineers will be joined by DBAs, architects, developers, data scientists and technology leaders from organizations of all sizes to share their experiences with MariaDB – everything from use cases and lessons learned to best practices and recommendations.

In addition to the MariaDB engineering led product internals track, there will be tracks focused on operations, development, real-world use cases and analytics – and we invite you to submit talks for any of them.

We host a private speaker’s dinner every year with amazing food and drinks (last year’s speakers will remember the impromptu Don Julio 1942 shots courtesy of the bartender). And of course, speakers get free conference passes and some special swag (ideas welcome).

As far as tracks and topics, here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Operations: This is for all you DBAs and SREs interested in showing off your MariaDB mastery. What tips and tricks have you learned? How have you made MariaDB bend to your will? Are you automating deployments with Chef or Puppet, perhaps Terraform?
  • Development: What kind of applications are you building on top of MariaDB, and what kinds of frameworks are you using? Perhaps a little Node.js? Are you using advanced SQL kung fu such as temporal tables or JSON functions?
  • Real-world use cases: Have you migrated from a proprietary database like Oracle? If so, what did it take? Did you come up with novel reference architecture to solve some rather difficult challenges? What are you doing with MariaDB, and why?
  • Analytics: For those who’ve discovered the power of distributed, columnar storage with MariaDB, what are you doing with it? What types of analytics are you supporting and how it is driving value for the business?

Perhaps you have something wildly different in mind and can’t believe we missed it. Let us know!

Submit Talk Here

We hope to see in you New York City at OpenWorks, and hopefully at the speaker’s dinner!