Transformational Stories at the MariaDB OpenWorks Conference


Learning from your peers is a thing of beauty, and next month’s MariaDB OpenWorks user conference is a great place to do it. From February 25 through 27, technology leaders from companies like Walgreens, Samsung, Facebook and Nokia will share how they’re innovating…

…by migrating from proprietary databases,

…by deploying hybrid cloud solutions,

…by using hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP),

…and more – all with MariaDB

You can check out the full MariaDB OpenWorks agenda for all the details, of course, but here’s a sampling of who you’ll be hearing from at the conference:

Retail pharmacy Walgreens on how they migrated from legacy databases on premises to open source databases in the cloud

Payment processor CCV on how they’re migrating their platform from SQL Server to MariaDB to meet critical high availability requirements

Online gaming service BettingCloud (GiG) on how, with the help of MariaDB, they deployed on Microsoft Azure without sacrificing high availability 

Communications-platform-as-a-service thinQ on how they combined MariaDB Server and MariaDB ColumnStore to support both high-performance transaction processing and scalable analytics for more than 10,000 transactions per second

Consumer-goods researcher QBerg on storing multiple years’ worth of historical data for analytics with MariaDB Platform configured for hybrid transactional and analytical workloads, while decreasing overall processing time by orders of magnitude

Workforce management solutions provider Pixid on dropping Oracle Database in favor of handling both transactional and analytical workloads with MariaDB for better performance, synchronous clustering and fast analytics for self-service reporting and data exploration

Good stuff, right? Join us! There’s still time to register for MariaDB OpenWorks 2019 – and the group discount rate for hotel suites at the venue is available until February 8. We look forward to seeing you at the show.