Unlocking the Benefits of MariaDB’s Certified Associate Program


Businesses around the globe continue to accumulate colossal amounts of data. An estimated 50 billion connected devices are expected by 2030¹. Database administrators (DBAs) are the central technologists within these business organizations, ensuring data integrity and competency. Career opportunities for a DBA are driven by the increased data needs of companies across the economy².

With machine learning, cloud native development, and serverless computing, professionals must have an edge in learning trending technologies. Learn how to harness data through MariaDB Standard DBA training course and demonstrate your competency using the MariaDB Certified Associate Program.

Why Become Certified?

As the fastest growing open source database in the world, MariaDB certification is a powerful benchmark. It shows employers that a DBA has proven expertise. Successful completion of the exam demonstrates that a DBA can perform associate-level MariaDB tasks, including configuration, security, user and role assignment, tuning, schema operations, backup and restore, and troubleshooting MariaDB databases.

Consider a MariaDB certification if you fall into one of these categories:

  • DBA, developer, or technologist with limited experience, seeking to broaden your skill set.
  • DBA with or without experience and your employer requires that DBAs be certified.
  • DBA employed by a consulting company and a certification will help distinguish you from other consulting DBAs.
  • DBA seeking to become promoted.

What are the Benefits of Certification?

MariaDB Certified Database Administrator Associate Exam is an interactive real world-style exam that ensures those being certified understand relational database concepts as well as the major components, features, functionality, and configuration of MariaDB.

The benefits of certification:

  • Demonstrates expertise in one of the industry’s premier open source databases
  • Distinguishes you as an expert and sets you apart from other DBAs who are not certified
  • Readies you for career advancement
  • Some colleges and universities may award credit for taking classes and passing certification tests

Certification Testing Included with OpenWorks

There are limited opportunities throughout the year to take the certification exam. One of those opportunities is around the corner at MariaDB OpenWorks User and Developer Conference. The opportunity to become certified is included in your conference pass. MariaDB OpenWorks 2020 is being held May 4-6 in New York, NY.

We are pleased to offer the MariaDB Certified Database Administrator Associate Exam to any MariaDB OpenWorks attendee interested in proving their MariaDB expertise. Conference attendees can take the certification exam for free. The exam will be offered multiple times May 5-6.

An optional exam preparation workshop followed by the certification exam is available May 4, the first day of OpenWorks. May 4 is workshop day and is included with a three-day conference pass. For more information visit: OpenWorks Certification.

The certification exam tests DBAs on a variety of tasks, including basic configuration, security operations, backup and restore, and performance tuning.

  • Tests are proctored by MariaDB staff
  • Tests involve 100 tasks across DBA functional areas, with each task equally weighted
  • Grading is automated and instant, with scripts performing evaluation as soon as the test is completed

Three-day pass holders can choose from two 60-minute certification prep workshops offered, followed by the 120-minute certification exam (advance registration required). This allows time to attend one of the other workshops on this day.

The test will also be offered multiple times on the following conference days, May 5 and 6 with no advance test registration required.

Recommended Prerequisites

Before taking the MariaDB certification exam, we recommend completion of the three-day online or on-site MariaDB Standard DBA training course, or that DBAs have one (or more) years of experience using MariaDB. MariaDB is often called a drop-in replacement for MySQL but even experienced MySQL users will benefit by being trained on specific MariaDB features and functionality.

MariaDB currently offers Database Administrator Associate certification. This certification is aligned to the MariaDB Standard DBA training course. The training course is for database administrators, developers, and technologists, teaching them how to use the full features of the MariaDB Server Database.

Certification preparation classes, taught by MariaDB experts are available to prepare you for the certification exam and provide the latest knowledge in installing, configuring, maintaining, and administering MariaDB Server and MariaDB Platform.

Cost of Certification

Take advantage of one of the limited opportunities to take the certification exam and at no extra cost to MariaDB OpenWorks 2020 attendees. Conference pass holders can take the certification exam up to two times. The optional exam preparation workshop offered the first day of OpenWorks is open to three-day pass holders with advance registration required. For more information visit OpenWorks 2020 Certification.

Custom certification options may be available as an add-on to on-site training. Please talk with your MariaDB sales associate to discuss possibilities.