What’s New in MariaDB MaxScale 6


MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced database load balancer, proxy, firewall, and query router that extends the high availability, scalability, and security of MariaDB Enterprise Server. MaxScale abstracts away the complexity of the underlying database infrastructure so DBAs, developers, and operators can focus on their core business.

MaxScale is a key component of MariaDB Enterprise, and the latest version of MaxScale incorporates new features that enhance its functionality and performance. Here are a few of the top level highlights of MaxScale 6.1.

Query Editor

MaxScale includes a variety of means of accessing information about your deployment, including via command line and with a GUI. With this release, we’ve added a Query Editor to the GUI. Now in addition to performing administrative tasks, like configuring load balancing and filtering, you can also use the GUI to write and run SQL queries and visualize the results. This eliminates the need for 3rd party tools like SQLyog, HeidiSQL or MySQL Workbench.

MariaDB MaxScale 6.1 Query Explorer

Kafka Importer

The KafkaImporter module reads messages from Kafka and streams them into a MariaDB server. The messages are inserted into a table designated by either the topic name or the message key. This complements the existing KafkaExporter so there is now a two-way line with Kafka.

NoSQL Listener

The nosqlprotocol module allows a MariaDB server or cluster to be used as the backend of an application using a MongoDB® client library. Internally, all documents are stored in a table containing two columns; an id column for the object id and a doc column for the document itself.

For More Details

These are only the top three enhancements in MaxScale 6.1. There are many others, as we are always working to increase the functionality and make life easier for MariaDB Enterprise users. For more details about MariaDB MaxScale, see our release notes and documentation.

MariaDB customers can download MariaDB MaxScale 6.1 now, along with the other latest releases of MariaDB Enterprise.