Ingenico Financial Solutions provides high availability e-Money solutions with MariaDB

About Ingenico Financial Solutions

Ingenico Financial Solutions provides e-Money solutions and services for companies throughout the EU. Ingenico was looking for personal services, flexible contract negotiations and satisfactory high availability solutions – Ingenico decided to turn to MariaDB for help.

The Challenge

Open source has been a clear, affordable choice for Ingenico since its founding in 2007. Ingenico has followed the main trends of open source web development and built their entire transactional engine in-house on MySQL. Ingenico migrated to MariaDB already before contacting MariaDB to follow the trend in RedHat/Centos community that massively adopted MariaDB as MySQL distribution. Ingenico wanted to stay close to the community features and development.

Down-time is not an option when it directly affects the bottom line of the business. Ingenico had tried out MySQL Cluster and other high availability solutions, but was not satisfied with the results. With MariaDB Galera Cluster Ingenico found clear benefits with good functionality and easy implementation.

The Solution

As a fast growing medium size enterprise, Ingenico was looking for a partner with personal service that would scale the solution flexible on-demand and in line with the business growth. After evaluating alternatives, Ingenico selected MariaDB because they offered a comprehensive approach with a scalable support contract model for all their MySQL and MariaDB needs.

For the start, MariaDB’s experts reviewed Ingenico’s MariaDB database infrastructure, helped validating their setup and analyzed the development implementation for errors, security issues and performance improvements.

Jerome Deliege, Head of IT Operations for Ingenico, says about MariaDB’s health check:

“MariaDB’s support team provided us with very helpful statistics and proposed optimizations that the developers were able to commit to the platform. The support team even proposed configuration tuning on a system level for Ingenico’s Linux distribution and hardware. MariaDB also assisted in setting up high availability with MariaDB Galera Cluster on one of the servers.“

“We are very happy with the services from MariaDB and its products. All services were provided professionally and swiftly. We will recommend the solution elsewhere within our group. We can now step forward with a secure environment, knowing that our DB backend is correctly implemented and ready to scale. We also know that in case of problems, we can rely on a trustworthy supplier.”

Joffrey Michaie, Principal Consultant at MariaDB says:

“It’s always a pleasure to be able to meet customer needs with a solution that is a good fit for them. With the professionals in our team, MariaDB delivered a reliable solution within the agreed time frame. I’m looking forward to helping Ingenico with their growing business.”

Customer testimonial

We are very happy with the services from MariaDB and its products. All services were provided professionally and swiftly

Jerome Deliege, Head of IT Operations, Ingenico Financial Solutions