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Engage with an ecosystem of partners that can help you develop, host, scale and run your database. We are proud to partner with industry leaders such as Google™, Amazon™, Striim™ and Red Hat™, as well as a growing roster of other global and regional vendors.



Today’s enterprises must harness the business advantage and power of their data, while getting more out of their IT investment. Companies are moving their data workloads to the cloud to modernize applications, increase efficiency, accelerate productivity, and save money.

Whether you are migrating your existing on-premises systems to AWS or Google or building a new application, MariaDB increases agility, reduces project risk, and provides a database-as-a-service to meet your specific business needs.

MariaDB provides you with the foresight to become more agile, realize new growth opportunities, or create new inventions. With 100% focus on everything data, we offer the versatility needed to succeed on cloud and compete on data.

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Modern applications require a modern data platform-as-a-service. Easily manage, store and utilize data at scale. Ensure uninterrupted security and access to the data. Eliminate R&D costs associated with databases. Get your application to market faster with a proven scalable, highly embeddable solution.

Leading technology companies like Amdocs, DigiCert and Movista use MariaDB to be the database that lowers TCO, improves customer experiences, and drives new revenue.

MariaDB provides complete platform independence – on premises, hybrid cloud, or as a fully managed cloud service – with the freedom to move between each platform, enabling you to best service customers. Our flexibility and ease of use enables your teams to iterate quickly, allowing you to bring data-centric applications to market faster.

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Distributor Reseller

MariaDB allows large enterprises, cloud-first startups and everyone in between to leverage SkySQL and the MariaDB platform to effectively design, build and evolve their database solutions to deliver modern applications at cloud scale. Partnering with MariaDB gives you the ability to deliver a comprehensive suite of products and services that will help your clients meet their performance, high availability and scalability needs.

Why resell MariaDB?

Additional revenue streams
Capture additional revenue from your networks of existing customers, where demand for MariaDB products and services is already growing. Attract new prospects interested in leveraging MariaDB.

Resellers that have invested time and resources in understanding, marketing and selling MariaDB products and services will have access to increasing discounts.

MariaDB partners gain access to partner-specific training, best practices, go-to-market tools and support on open opportunities.

Joint marketing opportunities
Work with MariaDB on joint marketing activities such as executive events, campaigns, collateral development and more.

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Consulting & Service

Consulting & service partners provide MariaDB customers with expertise from strategic advice and business transformation to data migration, sizing/optimization, solution development and delivery.

Create better customer-facing applications, enhance business solutions, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve your customer satisfaction. We are better together to help you realize time to value as you digitally transform your business anchored on data.

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