MariaDB Deepens Leadership Bench to Accelerate Cloud-Centric Innovation

Salesforce Cloud Database Expert Sameer Tiwari Joins MariaDB to Perfect the Ultimate MariaDB Cloud

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and HELSINKI – October 21, 2019 – MariaDB® Corporation today announced that Sameer Tiwari has joined the company’s growing cloud team as CTO of Cloud Infrastructure. Previously at Salesforce where he architected storage and cloud migration strategies, Tiwari is now responsible for driving the architecture and differentiation of MariaDB’s cloud solutions. 

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“The choice of top talent such as Sameer mirrors our aspirations for our cloud database to challenge the status quo,” said Michael Howard, CEO, MariaDB Corporation. “Public cloud providers, particularly Amazon, have pursued stripped-down products that meet the least common denominator and follow a herd mentality. Our MariaDB cloud takes a different path that is not constrained by anemic database templates or fragmented based on use cases.”

While at Salesforce, Tiwari architected a distributed, scale-out platform for high-speed transactional workloads to move away from a proprietary database. He most recently worked to modernize the Salesforce cloud architecture to move thousands of machines to the cloud. Prior to Salesforce, Tiwari served as a senior architect at Greenplum (now Pivotal) where he focused on storage technologies for analytical workloads.

“First-generation cloud database technology is now nearly a decade old and based on legacy architectural decisions,” said Tiwari. “A lot has changed over the years, including access to the latest cloud-native services such as Kubernetes, advanced storage capabilities and more. I’m excited to join MariaDB to help guide how the MariaDB cloud can take advantage of these modern technologies to give customers the best MariaDB experience in the cloud.” 

MariaDB’s evolution to the cloud is a process that builds on earlier advances, such as MariaDB Platform Managed Service. Since its introduction, MariaDB has continuously provided proactive monitoring, migration, schema changes, query optimization, performance tuning and security updates to customers in public and hybrid cloud environments.

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MariaDB frees companies from the costs, constraints and complexity of proprietary databases, enabling them to reinvest in what matters most – rapidly developing innovative, customer-facing applications. MariaDB uses pluggable, purpose-built storage engines to support workloads that previously required a variety of specialized databases. With complexity and constraints eliminated, enterprises can now depend on a single complete database for all their needs, whether on commodity hardware or their cloud of choice. Deployed in minutes for transactional, analytical or hybrid use cases, MariaDB delivers unmatched operational agility without sacrificing key enterprise features including real ACID compliance and full SQL. Trusted by organizations such as Deutsche Bank, DBS Bank, Nasdaq, Red Hat, ServiceNow, Verizon and Walgreens – MariaDB meets the same core requirements as proprietary databases at a fraction of the cost. No wonder it’s the fastest growing open source database. Real business relies on MariaDB™.