MariaDB Platform Managed Service

Your enterprise database, managed by our experts.

MariaDB Platform, in the cloud

The MariaDB Platform Managed Database Service allows enterprise organizations to realize the benefits of a cloud database service, including ease of use, but without sacrificing the very things needed to support mission-critical applications, including enterprise features, custom configuration, technical and consultative support, on-demand upgrades and bug fixes/security patches. It’s MariaDB Platform in the cloud, managed by MariaDB (the experts).


Backed by experts

Enterprise architects

MariaDB’s Enterprise Architect team creates a reference database architecture based on both business and application requirements, unlike one-size-fits-all database services from AWS.

Remote DBAs

MariaDB’s Remote DBA team monitors the database and its infrastructure 24×7 to maintain availability and performance, and to ensure the database is secure and protected at all times.

Support engineers

MariaDB support engineers provide both technical as well as consultative support to help customers get the most out of MariaDB Platform, and to resolve any issues they may face.


Fully managed

Provisioning and deployment
Provisioning and deployment

We will install MariaDB Platform on cloud instances, tailor the configuration based on specific requirements and perform regular performance audits and tuning.

Backup and disaster recovery
Backup and disaster recovery

We will handle disaster recovery using scheduled backups, standby databases in one or more data centers and transaction rollback to recover and restore data on demand.

Upgrades, hotfixes and security patches
Upgrades, hotfixes and security patches

We make sure you are always running on a current version of MariaDB Platform, so you’re never left waiting for new features or without needed bug fixes and security patches.

Proactive care


We will actively monitor your cloud infrastructure, and if an instance fails, we will automatically provision a replacement.


We will monitor database performance, and if needed, recommend query changes, introduce performance optimizations and scale up/out.


We will review audit logs and data access patterns, update database firewall rules and ensure sensitive data is protected.

MariaDB vs. Amazon

 Amazon RDSAmazon AuroraMariaDB Platform
Managed Service
Installation and configurationYesYesYes
Scheduled backupsYesYesYes
Read replicas515Unlimited
Columnar storageNoNoYes
Database firewallNoNoYes
Data maskingNoNoYes
Kafka connectorNoNoYes
Zero-downtime upgradesNoNoYes
Zero-downtime failoverNoNoYes
Zero-downtime scalingNoNoYes
Long-term supportNoNoYes
Technical database supportNoNoYes
Consultative database supportNoNoYes
Hotfixes and security patchesNoNoYes


Austin Rutherford, MariaDB Vice President of Customer Success, compares MariaDB’s Managed Service on EC2 vs. Amazon RDS and Aurora during OpenWorks 2019 keynote.


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MariaDB Platform Managed Service
MariaDB Platform Managed Service
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MariaDB Platform Managed Service: The Value of an Enterprise Cloud Subscription
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Ready for the cloud?

The MariaDB Platform Managed Service is now available for enterprise organizations looking to advance their cloud strategies, including hybrid cloud strategies with databases both on premises and in the cloud. If you’re looking for a managed database in the cloud, the experts at MariaDB can help you create and execute a cloud strategy tailored to meet your goals and requirements. You deserve something better than a one-size-fits-all solution.

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