MariaDB Direct Query Adapter Now Available and Certified in Microsoft Power BI

Leverage the impressive processing power of MariaDB SkySQL for real-time data exploration on petabytes of data

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and HELSINKI – December 16, 2020 – MariaDB®Corporation today announced the certification and immediate availability of the MariaDB Direct Query Adapter in Microsoft Power BI. MariaDB and Microsoft worked together on the integration, giving Power BI users access to data analysis and visualization of live data in MariaDB Platform on-prem or in the cloud through MariaDB SkySQL

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The MariaDB Direct Query Adapter opens a whole new world of data exploration for Power BI users. Previously, Microsoft users could only access 1 gigabyte of data from MariaDB or MySQL databases, constrained by the memory available on the physical system operating Power BI. With the new MariaDB Direct Query Adapter, Power BI users now have the freedom of data exploration on terabytes and petabytes of data stored directly in the MariaDB database, leveraging the database layer for operations for increased query performance. Massively parallel processing (MPP) delivered in SkySQL with the cloud data warehousing option enables real-time data analysis on massive data sets, ensuring decision-makers are fully informed when making critical business decisions.

“We’re pleased to offer this option for our Microsoft customers who use MariaDB,” said Colin Popell, senior program manager at Microsoft. “Our customers have requested this type of direct query access for MySQL-compatible databases, so we were happy to integrate the adapter built by MariaDB, which will make for a much better experience for our joint customers.”

As a part of Microsoft’s list of certified connectors, the MariaDB Direct Query Adapter now appears as an option within Power BI. Existing Power BI users can simply click on their data source, point to their MariaDB SkySQL or MariaDB Platform instance, put in their credentials, and get to work. 

“MariaDB SkySQL is being used by customers in more than 48 countries around the world from pure transactional use cases to cloud data warehousing – and increasingly a combination of the two together,” said Todd Stoffel, product manager at MariaDB Corporation. “Our goal was to make it easy and fast for Power BI users to have access to a powerful, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse in SkySQL. This work on the new adapter enables new visualizations and analysis that were simply not possible before.”


The certified MariaDB Direct Query Adapter is available in Microsoft Power BI now. Learn how to get started with MariaDB SkySQL and Power BI today.

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