New MariaDB Program Helps Healthcare, Medical, Academic and Nonprofit Organizations Analyze Large Datasets in Fight Against COVID-19


WHO: MariaDB® Corporation, the company behind the enterprise open source database MariaDB, used by 75% of the Fortune 500. 

WHAT: A new program to help healthcare, medical, academic and nonprofits that are fighting COVID-19 and need enterprise-grade analytical capabilities to power data discovery. Qualified applications will get free access to MariaDB SkySQL.

MariaDB SkySQL is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) that unlocks the full power of the MariaDB Platform for transactions, analytics or both. SkySQL is optimized with a cloud-native architecture and backed by the source – the engineers who built the database. 

SkySQL was built to provide a new generation of modern applications with fast transactions and real-time analytics. It supports ad hoc, interactive analytics on billions of rows with data stored in a columnar format on low-cost object storage and massively parallel processing.

WHY: MariaDB wants to do its part to help in the fight against COVID-19. We believe we can help by providing our technology to organizations that have a need to store, analyze and visualize large datasets quickly.

QUOTE: “Everyone at MariaDB is united in combating COVID-19,” said Michael Howard, CEO of MariaDB Corporation. “Many customers already use MariaDB Platform to analyze massive datasets, including in the academic and healthcare world, to better understand their data and uncover trends. For any other organizations that have a need for this type of service to aid their work fighting the coronavirus, we want to help in this small way by offering our new SkySQL database-as-a-service for free. We look forward to every submission.”

MORE INFO: Interested organizations can submit an application and access more program details here:

CONTACT: For more information, contact [email protected]