Certified Power Plows Through the Winter Season with MariaDB SkySQL

  • Jeremy Miller, R&D Manager and Senior Principal Electrical Engineer, Certified Power
  • Adrien Holtzman, Senior Software Engineer, Certified Power
  • Kathryn Sizemore, Sr Solutions Architect, MariaDB

This winter season has been extreme, and today’s snowplowing operations are more complex. Plow operators and supporting personnel, local municipalities, transportation departments, and other agencies must rely on real-time updates, and fleet operators are under pressure to rein in costs while reducing the amount of salt applied to roads.

Powered by MariaDB SkySQL, Certified Power integrates vehicle sensors, an automated electronic spreader control system, and wireless data transfer into its snowplowing trucks. Fleet managers leverage IoT telematics to build maps and reports from the data collected, resulting in reduced salt use on roads. In this session, Certified Power shares how their data is collected every five seconds, automatically compiled and downloaded into their truck’s spreader control system and streamed to SkySQL once the truck returns to headquarters.