How Pixid dropped Oracle and went hybrid with MariaDB

  • Antoine Gosset, Operations Manager at Pixid
  • Jérôme Mouret, Chief Solutions & Marketing Officer at Pixid
Session Abstract

Pixid replaced Oracle Database with MySQL in 2011, then soon migrated to MariaDB to get better performance, more features and synchronous clustering for high availability. In addition to high-performance transactions, their customers needed access to fast analytics for self-service reporting and data exploration. Pixid started with a separate columnar database for analytics, but with the release of MariaDB ColumnStore, they found a more elegant solution – deploying a single database platform to handle both transactions and analytics. In this session, Antoine Gosset and Jérôme Mouret share how Pixid went from Oracle Database to handling both transactional and analytical workloads with MariaDB.

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