How thinQ runs both transactions and analytics at scale

  • Sasha Vaniachine, Senior Database Administrator at thinQ
Session Abstract

thinQ provides a cloud-based Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) that routes tens of millions of phone calls per day for customers in enterprise and telecommunications industries. In this session Sasha Vaniachine, Senior Database Administrator at thinQ, explains how he combined MariaDB Server and MariaDB ColumnStore to support both high-performance transaction processing and scalable analytics. In addition, he shares some of thinQ's best practices and lessons learned from supporting an ever-increasing database workload that currently exceeds 10,000 transactions per second, including:

  • Improving resilience by automating failover with MariaDB clustering
  • Lowering deadlock frequency through an open-source client-side solution
  • Streaming critical data to MariaDB ColumnStore for near real-time analytics
  • Achieving critical data redundancy with ColumnStore transactions
  • Evaluating geo-distributed MariaDB ColumnStore cluster and the bulk write SDK
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