Using Terraform and HCL to Bring IaC to SkySQL Cloud Databases

  • Pieter Humphrey, Director of Developer Relations, MariaDB

Configuring and provisioning infrastructure to support rapidly changing application code and integrations in cloud environments includes the need to easily provision and manage SkySQL cloud database services and the creation, replication and management of thousands of database instances. Organizations can’t afford the inefficiency, complexity and risk of manually performing these operations. If you’re a developer, data engineer or cloud architect, watch this session to hear how HashiCorp Terraform can configure and provision SkySQL and its deployed databases, Enterprise Server, ColumnStore and Xpand individually and across multiple clusters and clouds (AWS and Google). In this session, you will learn:

  • About HashiCorp Language (HCL) and the SkySQL Terraform Provider, and how they support Infrastructure as Code (IaC) capabilities for SkySQL
  • How Terraform can be used to easily provision SkySQL as part of an overall workflow that includes a range of other infrastructure with Terraform providers
  • Representative use cases and expected improvements in workflow and provisioning agility and capability
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