Creating Cloud-based Customer-Facing Apps with MariaDB, Upsolver and AWS


Data is the nucleus of everything companies build, monetize and deploy on the cloud. On the cloud data gains scale, agility and the power to drive business utilization and transformation. Cloud-powered customer-facing applications create new transformative business models. These applications drive new opportunities, create competitive advantage and increase revenue.

Organizations are often strapped with the ability to quickly migrate data to the cloud and take advantage of its benefits. MariaDB and Upsolver partner to reduce the effort required for businesses to create operational databases for cloud business applications and ensure that data is consistent, fresh and useful. Specifically, by using Upsolver’s near-real-time change-data-capture (CDC) technology to pipe data into MariaDB SkySQL, our database-as-a-serivce (DBaaS), our users experience reduced complexity and lower costs when deploying data-driven, customer-facing applications on AWS cloud using our joint solutions.

Through this partnership, our users get the benefits of a highly scalable, hybrid environment spanning AWS and, if necessary, their private data centers. Upsolver reduces the data engineering required to build and maintain the customer’s replication pipeline, and delivers data at speed and scale from/to SkySQL – a secure, self-healing, automated and scalable database in the cloud.

Upsolver’s CDC solution is ideal for a modern cloud infrastructure like AWS since it’s a highly bandwidth-efficient way to move data across a wide area network (WAN). It also conserves database resources by using the MariaDB binlog to monitor changes (versus full database scans). Organizations can blend and use the data they need from their operational systems with semi-structured data at a massive scale.

SkySQL offers customers versatility to support transactional and analytical workloads as well as relational, JSON and hybrid data models in a single cloud database solution, thereby reducing cost and complexity. Customers can grow from a single standalone database and data warehouse to fully distributed SQL that is capable of executing millions of transactions per second and performing interactive, ad hoc analytics. SkySQL manages cost with horizontal scaling and removes complexity as there is no need to rewrite an application in order to scale out. Users can deploy a SkySQL instance in minutes, which means your essential data is at the ready quickly for greater business value.

MariaDB and Upsolver bust infrastructure silos and democratize organizational data, enabling organizations to quickly derive business value. Users can capitalize on their data, versus hoarding it or keeping a copy to please auditors. They can also create game-changing customer-facing applications with reliable real-time data inside and outside the organization. And IT teams can focus on innovation as they save time, money and effort on provisioning, administration and maintenance of databases and cloud infrastructure.

To learn more, watch this webinar about our solutions with AWS and Upsolver.