MariaDB Server 10.3 Release Candidate Now Available


Today, we are releasing MariaDB Server 10.3.5, which is our first Release Candidate for 10.3.

Now feature complete, our user and customer base can move from reviewing and testing new features to integrating MariaDB Server into their staging environment to prove it against existing applications and to enhance their applications with new use cases provided through the abundance of new and exciting features in MariaDB Server, like temporal data processing. Another strong focus of this version is database compatibility where we have added several new features. With MariaDB Server 10.3, it’s even easier to migrate from legacy database systems to open source MariaDB.

Try MariaDB Server 10.3.5 Release Candidate! There are significant features to test out in MariaDB Server 10.3, including:

Temporal Data Processing

Database Compatibility Enhancements

User Flexibility

  • User Defined Aggregate Functions: In addition to creating SQL functions it is now also possible to create aggregate functions
  • Lifted limitations for updates and deletes: A DELETE statement can now delete from a table used in the WHERE clause. UPDATE can be the same for source and target

Performance/Storage Enhancements

Storage Engine Enhancements

  • Spider Storage Engine: The partitioning storage engine has been updated to the newest release of the Spider Storage engine to support new Spider features including direct join support, direct update and delete, direct aggregates


Download MariaDB Server 10.3 RC

Release Notes