MyRocks Storage Engine in MariaDB is Now Release Candidate


The MyRocks storage engine was introduced in MariaDB Server 10.2 as an alpha plugin – the maturity of plugins is separate from the database. It became a beta plugin earlier this year, and with the release of MariaDB Server 10.3.5 (RC) last week, it is now a release candidate plugin.

So, what is MyRocks? It is a storage engine like InnoDB, but optimized for disk space and write efficiency. It uses a log-structured merge-tree (LSM Tree) technology to achieve higher compression and write performance. MyRocks is developed by Facebook, where it is used in production.

We make MyRocks available for MariaDB users via binaries and packages for recent versions of Ubuntu/Debian (deb), Red Hat/CentOS (rpm), Generic Linux (tarballs) and Microsoft Windows. For developers, you can continue to use features like common table expressions (CTEs) and window functions. For administrators, you can continue to enable and configuration parallel replication.

While it’s easy to get started with MyRocks using MariaDB, you have to run a couple of commands to enable it. The process is documented in our knowledge base (and there are links for further MyRocks documentation).

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