Preventing Regressions with MariaDB Enterprise Server


When it comes to mission critical applications, we always recommend running enterprise-grade products such as MariaDB Enterprise Server. MariaDB Enterprise Server is an enhanced, hardened and secured version of MariaDB Community Server. This means that when regressions or bugs happen in the community version, they don’t end up in the enterprise version and risk disrupting your production environments.

Last week, several regressions were reported for MariaDB Community Server versions 10.6-10.9. If you are running MariaDB Enterprise Server, you don’t need to worry about these regressions as the regressions don’t effect MariaDB Enterprise Server. If you are running one of these versions of MariaDB Community Server, you’ll want to upgrade to the next hotfix release that will be released shortly or look at upgrading to MariaDB Enterprise Server to avoid future potential regressions.

Under our new server release model, we are able to innovate and deliver fast new features to the community through MariaDB Community Server, while delivering predictability and stability through MariaDB Enterprise Server which goes through additional QA. The most recent MariaDB Enterprise Server maintenance releases were published on the 13th of June 2022 and do not include the regressions recently discovered in the most recent versions of MariaDB Community Server. New MariaDB Enterprise Server maintenance releases will be published this week according to our public schedule and the Community Server regressions are also not present in these releases.

We created MariaDB Enterprise Server to give our customers restful nights and that’s exactly what you get when you run our enterprise products. Looking for a fully managed cloud version of MariaDB? MariaDB SkySQL is the only DBaaS that runs MariaDB Enterprise Server. Try MariaDB Enterprise Server in SkySQL today.