Spider’s Lead Developer Joins MariaDB


Imagine one database that can handle a variety of workloads all with the same level of performance. With MariaDB’s purpose-built storage engine architecture you get just that. Use InnoDB for mixed or read-mostly workloads, ColumnStore for analytical workloads, MyRocks for write-intensive workloads and Spider for extreme scalability and/or concurrency through transparent built-in sharding. In May of this year, we delivered Spider as a fully supported GA storage engine as part of MariaDB TX 3.0 and since then we’ve seen Spider demand surge, including several new contributions by Tencent.

Spider has proven to be a critical scalability feature for many of our customers so we are excited to bring the lead developer of Spider, Kentoku Shiba, on as an employee of MariaDB Corporation to further development of Spider as well as support our growing customer-base that’s deploying Spider in production. MariaDB will also take on the role of steward of the open source Spider project.

Extreme scalability is an important feature of MariaDB and we’ll continue to evolve our capabilities in the future based on the recently acquired Clustrix technology, which will be complementary to our Spider solution.

Want to learn more about Spider? Watch a recent webinar or drop us a line.