Take Your Applications Further with An Embedded Database-as-a-Service


As the volume, velocity and variety of data grows exponentially each year, the challenge for application developers is a thorny one.

Sadly, the democratization of the technology stack is lost on legacy software vendors, who continue to peddle 40-year-old databases with exorbitant price tags, onerous contracts and the constant fear of an audit. Application developers struggle to be competitive and nimble when the weight of a legacy database vendor is hanging around their necks. They want a modern database from a vendor who structures partnerships that enables, not hinders, the developer’s agility and profitability. They want a technology partner, like MariaDB,  who is used by 75% of the Fortune 500 today and thrives by being at the forefront of innovative database development. And they want a technology partner with cloud relationships.

Leveraging a proven solution for your data needs results in a faster path to launching and application monetization.  MariaDB helps your customers successfully operationalize, explore and act on their data.  And our technology is a trusted database for many software companies, including DigiCert, Movista, Bandwidth, InfoArmor, and many more

An established database-as-a-service like MariaDB SkySQL speeds development of your application. SkySQL offers scalability, resilience, extensibility and performance for your data. MariaDB embeds directly into your applications, allowing users to access and leverage their data directly and seamlessly.

Scalability & Security

Campus Cloud is a cloud solution for higher education organizations that manages student data. Campus Cloud leverages MariaDB SkySQL as its DBaaS to power their data platform for admissions, academics, financial aid, accounts and billing, graduation and career placement – for over a hundred thousand students each day and growing. SkySQL on Google Cloud provides inherent scalability and security without fear of downtime.

Campus Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer, Sasa Skoko, stated that data security factored into the choice to utilize MariaDB’s DBaaS. “SkySQL’s database firewall, dynamic data masking and other enterprise security features prevent data breaches and stop accidental and malicious queries from flooding the network and database,” Skoko said. “This is key in handling sensitive student data and personally identifiable information protected by federal laws.”

MariaDB is easily able to leverage data and make it actionable to customers and partners through your application’s user interface. Whatever your data goals and needs – customer 360, digital transformation, analytics, IoT – MariaDB handles the variety, velocity and volume of data and allows you to robustly access, manage and store it.

Surpassing Customer Expectations for Speed

Major League Baseball (MLB) pitchers throw an average of 295 pitches per game. Factor that over a 180-game season and it’s a lot of pitches. Baseball data analysis website FanGraphs adopted MariaDB SkySQL to work with fluctuating and ever-growing information coming out of the sport. FanGraphs gathers granular data, including the velocity of pitches thrown during games, and uses the cloud database on Google Cloud to process statistics, complex queries, projections, and models of playoff odds.

FanGraphs runs thousands of database queries per second to serve its audience. CEO David Appelman says, “We want people to be able to do very fast, ad hoc data analysis. With certain types of MLB data, there’s now a lot more than it used to be – we’re hoping to take advantage of that to bring our users a lot more granular and customizable analysis without having to wait to get the results.”

Explained Appelman, “In addition to exceptional performance, we like that SkySQL offers the most recent version of MariaDB so we can take advantage of the newest features and innovation. Also, SkySQL’s versatility means we can easily start leveraging new capabilities such as SkySQL’s data warehousing option when we’re ready.”

Experience the MariaDB Difference

Modern applications must support different data types and structures, interoperate with external tools and data sources and scale efficiently to manage customer demands without wasting resources. If your data platform does not support these capabilities, your engineering team will spend significant money and time developing and maintaining systems to create and service these needs, reducing the resources available for application development.

Partner with MariaDB to ensure valuable time-to-market, return on investment and customers and experience:

Proven solution – The craft and brilliance of open source with enterprise-grade security, scalability, reliability and thorough Q&A that you and your customers demand.

Ecosystem – AWS and Google Cloud partner with MariaDB. In turn, they bring lots of capabilities, disciplines and skills to the fore, making deployment faster, more scalable and more secure.

Faster time to market – A proven solution ripe for application integration saves you R&D resources, letting you focus on core application functionality and looks. This gets you in market faster so you can monetize your application and get paying customers.

Our partner development team is ready to embed MariaDB directly into your application. Learn more about MariaDB partnership here.

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