The quickest ways to try MariaDB Xpand


By now, you’ve heard of MariaDB Xpand, our distributed SQL database purpose built for scale. Xpand provides automatic data distribution, is built to handle read and write scale, and comes with built-in high availability, always online DDL, and is compatible with MariaDB and MySQL databases.

Want to give Xpand a spin? We have two easy ways to try Xpand.

Xpand Docker Image (single node only)

Xpand is now available as a docker image, which provides an easy way to deploy a single Xpand node. The docker image is a great sandbox for developers, testing application compatibility, and learning Xpand features. You’ll have Xpand up and running faster than getting a cup of coffee by simply running the following docker commands:

$ docker pull mariadb/xpand-single

$ docker run --rm -p3306:3306 --ulimit memlock=-1 --name xpand mariadb/xpand-single

Once Xpand has started, you can connect to Xpand with the mariadb client included in the image:

$ docker exec -it xpand mariadb -u xpand

Additional details on usage and configuration are available here. The single node Xpand docker image is not suitable for production use or performance testing. Get the Xpand docker image from our MariaDB downloads page.

Xpand in SkySQL (single node and multi-node)

For production environments, performance testing and to experience its full scale out powers try Xpand in MariaDB SkySQL, our fully managed cloud database service. You can opt to deploy a single node or cluster with a few simple clicks. Choose the cloud, region, size and number of nodes, and SkySQL handles deployment, including a load balancer and deployment across multiple availability zones.


Other Resources

Full deployment documentation is available here: