The Essential Embedded Database for ISVs and OEMs

Independent software vendors (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) know that finding the right embedded database is critical to an offering’s long-term success. The database you choose can impact every aspect of your offering — from its cost to its performance. However, not all databases are created equal, and many ISVs struggle to balance affordability, ease of use and reliability. The good news is that MariaDB partners don’t have to sacrifice one priority for another.


MariaDB offers the best of both worlds

To meet market demands for reliability, scalability and best-in-class functionality, ISVs turn to MariaDB Enterprise Server, a cloud-native, open source relational database. MariaDB Enterprise Server offers our ISV partners the flexibility needed to manage the modern scale and pace of data, paired with the stability of enterprise-grade software.

Breaking down barriers

MariaDB ensures that our ISV partners have ultimate freedom in how they use their database: Freedom from vendor lock-in and the cost and complexity of proprietary systems;  freedom to deploy across any environment – cloud, hybrid, or otherwise; and freedom to run a database that is tailored to your specific needs.

For these reasons (and many more), our ISV partners often find that working with MariaDB is just…easy.

A competitive edge, not a drain on your budget

MariaDB Enterprise Server lets you redefine how you interact with your data, opening the door to limitless growth. And with unmatched reliability — thanks to high availability, disaster recovery and advanced security capabilities — our ISV partners  have the security and peace of mind that allows them to truly innovate and execute big.

By switching to MariaDB, you can see cost savings of up to 90% compared to proprietary databases.

Modernize your offering with a cloud-native database

For ISVs looking to modernize and re-architect their solution, cloud-native open source databases are the only option. Proprietary databases simply don’t have the flexibility required…despite their hefty price tag.

At the end of the day, there are very few feature-rich, open source relational database solutions on the market, and there is only one that lets you escape Oracle and is also backed by a trusted commercial vendor — MariaDB.

Benefits of embedding MariaDB Enterprise Server

MariaDB Enterprise Server is the top embedded database for ISVs and OEMs, and here’s why:

Complete portability

MariaDB Enterprise Server offers complete portability to any environment, so you can deploy both SaaS and on-prem options using the same code.

Flexible subscription model

Choose a subscription model that aligns with your GTM strategy.

Best-in-class support

Our Support Engineers – former DBAs and developers – are ready to get into the weeds with you, troubleshooting and answering questions whenever you hit a bump.

Enterprise features

MariaDB Enterprise Server is powerful enough to back up large databases without service interruptions, generate granular audits, maximize security by storing encryption keys outside of the database and much more.

JSON + relational

Offering you the best of both worlds. Using advanced JSON features, MariaDB Enterprise Server can store both structured and semi-structured data to meet the requirements of modern web, mobile and IoT applications, without sacrificing ACID transactions or standard SQL.

Long-term maintenance and backporting

MariaDB Enterprise Server offers long-term maintenance, including support and patches for your version, ensuring stability, and reducing risk. Popular new features are also backported to older MariaDB Enterprise Server versions, ensuring customers running on older release versions can enjoy the latest features.

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