MariaDB SkySQL Adds Distributed SQL for Scalability and Elasticity in Major New Update

Next-generation cloud database delivers read and write scale with strong consistency and high availability

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and HELSINKI – October 20, 2020 – MariaDB®Corporation today announced a major expansion of MariaDB SkySQL cloud database. With this update, SkySQL now runs the latest version of MariaDB Platform X5, which most notably added distributed SQL capabilities for global scale. With the ability to be deployed as clustered or distributed, MariaDB SkySQL addresses customers’ specific needs all within one powerful, indestructible cloud database.

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“We built MariaDB SkySQL to reduce the complexities introduced by first-generation cloud databases,” said Michael Howard, CEO, MariaDB Corporation. “The current landscape requires a smorgasbord of cloud services to get a single job done – AWS RDS for simple transactions, Aurora for availability and performance, Redshift for cloud data warehousing and Google Spanner for distributed SQL. SkySQL gives you all these capabilities in one elegant cloud database that delivers a consistent MariaDB experience regardless of the way you deploy it.”

A cloud database that grows with you

For organizations, with success and growth come new requirements and challenges. Standard transactions with high availability is a good starting place for any business but as a company grows, a cloud data warehouse for fast data analysis may be necessary or massive scalability may be required to keep up with worldwide demand. With MariaDB SkySQL, customers can start small and have a path to expand to meet any future requirement – adaptively, pragmatically and with extreme ease.

Open book pricing reflects open source integrity 

MariaDB is taking a cloud database pricing approach that is transparent and predictable for customers. Rather than upcharge for high availability setup, failover, backups or a database proxy for a single connection point, SkySQL is all-inclusive. Unlike with other cloud providers, failover replicas can be fully utilized for read scale rather than existing as an insurance policy only.

Expanded SkySQL features 

SkySQL now supports MariaDB Platform X5, including the latest versions of MariaDB Enterprise Server, advanced database proxy MaxScale and smart engines ColumnStore and Xpand for new and expanded cloud capabilities, and offers:

  • MariaDB Platform for distributed SQL: Xpand is a new smart engine that delivers distributed SQL through MariaDB Enterprise Server. This functionality is now also available in SkySQL with elastic scale, making it easy to increase or decrease capacity to handle anticipated usage spikes, such as increased shopping around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Xpand in SkySQL also automatically rebalances data hotspots for optimum performance.
  • MariaDB Platform for analytics: SkySQL includes a fully distributed cloud data warehouse that now provides massively parallel processing (MPP) for scalability and high availability on large datasets. 
  • End-to-end security: All SkySQL databases are secure by default, built from the ground up to provide the ultimate security in the cloud. SkySQL now also enforces secure SSL/TLS connections for any database access, avoiding exposure of data due to insecure defaults or configuration choices.
  • Radically reduced complexity for application development: SkySQL provides a single connection point for applications rather than exposing individual database instances, primaries or high availability replicas. SkySQL manages read/write-splitting, seamless failover and application session migration. The result is fault tolerance and efficient use of resources that is completely transparent to developers and end users.
  • Expanded monitoring: SkySQL monitoring shows the status and all vital metrics for database instances and is highly customizable. The monitoring tool is updated to support the new topologies enabled in this new release of SkySQL such as Xpand for distributed SQL.


SkySQL is available now. New users who sign up now receive $500 in service credits.

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